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What Is Baby Botox?

Botox has always been an aesthetic industry staple when it comes to smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.
Most standard Botox treatments are done every four-to-six months and use approximately 25 units per area.
However, many younger and first-time patients are forgoing this standard treatment in favor of a more minimalist approach called “Baby Botox.” This type of treatment is quickly gaining popularity among patients that fear a frozen look and want a more natural appearance.
Here’s what you need to know about Baby Botox.

1. What Is Baby Botox?

Baby Botox is microinjections of a smaller amount of botulinum toxin A. These treatments are typically performed more frequently compared to the standard Botox treatment.

2. It’s a Highly Personalized Treatment

Patients that request Baby Botox often have very specific areas of concern. It requires a skilled injector to tailor the treatment to the patient’s needs and expectations.
The first treatment is usually done as conservatively as possible. Patients may return for additional injections in 2 weeks if they would like further relaxation of the targeted area.

3. Baby Botox Can Help Prevent Lines and Wrinkles

Starting these treatments at a younger age and lower dose is seen as proactive and preventative by many providers and patients.
Women and men in their 20’s often have Baby Botox to weaken the facial muscles that can cause deeper wrinkles later on.

4. It Provides a More Natural Result, but Requires More Maintenance

The effects of Baby Botox are subtler because smaller doses are being administered over a longer period of time.
Therefore, patients avoid drastic changes and a frozen look, but have to go for injections more frequently than the standard 4-6 months.
Aesthetic physicians recommend monthly Baby Botox treatments for optimal results. If patients are unable to commit to this maintenance schedule, standard Botox may be a better option.

5. The Price of Baby Botox May Be Less Than Standard Botox

Patients may assume that Baby Botox is cheaper because a smaller amount of product is being used. However, some practices may factor in the time and skill-set of the injector when determining the price.
Meaning that a practitioner with expertise in microinjections may charge more than someone that only administers standard doses.
It is always best to confirm prices with the provider’s office prior to treatment.
If you are interested in learning more about Botox and other ways to reduce wrinkles, please call Cosmetic Skin Institute today to schedule an appointment.

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