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Microdermabrasion in Washington DC and Olney


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The SkinBella Bi-Elastic Blade transmits high-speed vibrations to the skin and underlying tissue. The elastic wave modality features both a mechanical and thermal action. The micro-vibrations of the SkinBella elastic wave modality produce a variety of benefits, including the following:
-Exfoliation of the superficial layers of the corneal surface (outermost horny layer and dead skin cells).
-Reduced germs on the skin’s surface (one of the primary causes of pimples and blemishes).
-Increase in blood supply (epidermal amd dermal layers).
-Stimulation of cell turnover (resulting from exfoliation).
-Enhanced skin moisturization.
-Reduction in non-pathalogical discolorations from the superficial skin layers. 


The basis of this technology comes from the idea behind dental ablation. By utilizing a piezoelectric mechanism, the dental ablator transmits high frequency vibrations to the teeth. The vibrations are helpful in disintegrating and removing tartar that accumulates on the surface of the teeth.
The same principle is used with SkinBella Bi-Elastic Blade by adapting it to the skin and tissue. One of the most intersting aspects of the action produced by the blade is the cavitation phenomenon.
The stress wave created by the rapid movement of the blade, along with a thin layer of fluid on the skin’s surface, generates small microscopic gaseous bubbles that not only generate convective movement, but also provoke a depolarizing and a superficial catalyzing effect.
The very rapid sequence of mechanical stress to the treated areas brings about the detachment of cells from the superficial layer of the epidermis. The gentle exfoliation employed by SkinBella System causes no injury to cells in deeper layers where the stress waves produce an effective micro-massage as a result of its characteristically stimulating action.
The high-frequency micro-vibrations produced by the Bi-Elastic Blade also help reduce surface bacteria, which is a primary cause of blemishes.
SkinBella has a “stress wave” generator, suitable for the following:
-Exogenous and endogenous moisturizing
-Heightened blood circulation
-Diminished discolorations
-Helps to increase elastic tone of the skin.
-Aids in firming tissue.
-Helps to increase blood circulation to the skin.
-Provides effective exfoliation.
Exfoliation with the SkinBella System is highly effective because it promotes cellular renewal and allows better penetration of products used in other skin treatments. The energy of the Bi-Elastic Blade in the exfoliation function is directed specifically at the stratum corneum, the outermost horny layer of the skin.
Exfoliation of the stratum corneum is vitally important because changes in the horny layer send messages to the living (basal) layer of the epidermis to produce new skin cells at different rates.
-SkinBella treatments are non-invasive, removing the stratum corneum.
-The Bi-Elastic Blade produces an even exfoliation of all areas. Clean, consistent exfoliation revitalizes the skin.
-It does not use particulates or harsh chemicals.
-There is minimal redness and no down time following treatment.
-Visible results are immediate.
-Skin is left with a youthful, radiant glow.
-SkinBella’s ultrasonic actuator kills surface bacteria, the primary cause of blemishes and acne.
-Inflamed blemishes can be exfoliated without risk of breakthrough bleeding.
-Extractions are minimized and can be easily performed.
-SkinBella is a wet peel.
-Suitable for multiple skin types.


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The original medical grade crystal free treatment that can reduce the effects of aging on your skin. Using the patented DiamondTome™ wand the treatment is a safe, clinically proven therapeutic approach to superior skin care results.
Skin Resurfacing is an exfoliation technique for removing the topmost layer of skin, leaving it more supple and vibrant.

The DiamondTome™ Skin Resurfacing System removes this layer by gently exfoliating the skin with natural diamond chips bonded to the tip of the wand, while vacuuming the exfoliated skin cells away in a controlled manner.
Removing this outer layer leaves a smoother texture and promotes the growth of healthy new skin.
Unlike other exfoliation treatments, the DiamondTome™ Skin Resurfacing System uses no loose abrasives to contaminate you or the environment.


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