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Does It Hurt to Get Botox?

Pain. It is the thing that deters from doing so much!
So, it’s not surprising that the number one question people ask us before getting a Botox Washington DC treatment is–does it hurt?
Of course, women know the price and pain associated with beauty, but it’s comforting to know that the most popular cosmetic treatment–Botox Washington DC–is not really painful at all.
And what’s more, if you truly are worried about feeling the slight pokes associated with Botox injections, there is always numbing cream that can be applied 10 to 15 minutes prior to your treatment.
Coupled with ice on and off between your treatment, the numbing cream helps take away any pain during your Botox treatment.
The popular beauty magazine Allure interviewed people who have gotten Botox injections to ask them how they rate the pain.
“I get it every four to six months to erase the etched lines on my forehead,” said Botox patient Andrea Modlin.
“Most doctors numb the area first with ice. I dislike that more than the needle—it’s like a brain freeze. Each injection is quick; usually I don’t feel a thing. But the area just underneath the eyebrows really hurts. Like a bee sting. The pain goes away immediately, though. Sometimes I get bruises that last a few days, but I can cover them with concealer. After a week or so, my brow feels a little heavy, like when your hand falls asleep. That’s right around the time people start telling me I look really relaxed, as if I was just on vacation.”
On a scale of 1 to 5, Modlin rates the pain associated with Botox at a 1–or practically painless.
“I put a little pressure on each injection site right afterward to help with the sting and get very anxious people to do Lamaze-style breathing,” said Dr. AVa Shamban, a Dermatologist in Beverly Hills.
“The muscles start to feel kind of stiff, once the Botox kicks in, about five days later. You get used to that after a week or so, and soon you almost forget how to frown. Research even shows that you’ll actually feel happier.”

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