5 Types of Wrinkles and How to Tackle Each One

Think all wrinkles are the same? Think again.
Unfortunately, wrinkles arise from different causes, which makes the modality of treatment different from one to the next.
Not sure what type of wrinkles you have and what to do about them?
We’ve got the answers right here.

  1. 1. Expression Wrinkles

What they look like: Sometimes called frown, smile or laugh lines, these tend to be either light on the skin or deeply etched into the skin. They typically arise anywhere on the face where you make expression, like around the mouth, between the brows and at the outer corners of the eyes.
What causes them: “These wrinkles are caused by repeatedly making the same expressions over and over again,” says Las Vegas plastic surgeon Gosel Anson, MD.
How to treat them: It’s virtually impossible to never move a muscle in your face again. “There’s not much in the way of prevention, but Botox and other fillers are effective for correction.”